THE Coos County Fairgrounds New Food Pavilion

“A loaf of bread, a pound of meat and all the mustard you can eat!”


Thanks to a Grant from The Floyd Ingram Foundation, engineering plans for the New Food Pavilion will be ready soon!


Let’s build the New Food Pavilion for the 2020 Coos County Fair & Rodeo. $100,000 in matching funds is pending but we need to raise $100,000 first to get the match! If we get the match, another $59,400 gets it built by the 2020 CC Fair & Rodeo.

The Bridge Grange advertised its hamburgers with the slogan “A loaf of bread, a pound of meat and all the mustard you can eat!”  continuing a tradition that began in 1912 when F.G. Hermann and Ida W. Hansen opened a confectionery stand on the fairgrounds. 

Since 1912, the Coos County Fair & Rodeo (originally Coos & Curry County Fair). 106 years of history, tradition and family fun. Today the Pavilion is home to the Bridge Grange, Lyons and Boy Scouts Booths and it’s time for some major upgrades.

The New Food Pavilion will feature six (6) food stations, covered seating, a patio and courtyard, a grape arbor, a tongue and groove wood ceiling, evening lighting and will feature four (4) gables and a cupola. The Pavilion will also be available for year-round use and for special events and dance venues. 

The basic budget for the New Food Pavilion is planned in two stages with the basic budget including everything mentioned and estimated at $259,400. A second budget for a Solar Photovoltaic System that could be added in 2021 is coming in at around $43k (including grants and energy trust credits). 

The artist renderings below give a feel for what the New Pavilion would look like.

Food Pavilion Info: Download the PDF

CCF Food Pavilion Hand Out-02-09-19 (pdf)


New Food Pavilion 2020

Let's build the new Food Pavilion for the 2020 Coos County Fair & Rodeo!

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