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CCFA's Mission

 The Coos County Fair Alliance, Inc. (CCFA) is a 501.c.3 nonprofit organization.

The mission of the Coos County Fair Alliance (CCFA) is to assist the Coos County Fair & Rodeo Board in their efforts to improve and maintain the Coos County Fairgrounds. 

The CCFA is collaborating with The Coos County Fair & Rodeo Board to make the Livestock Barn, Poultry Barn and Food Pavilion a reality.

Coos County Fair Alliance, Inc. (CCFA)


Dan Berg - President

Bonnie Montoya-May - Vice President

Kendell Smith - Vice President

Tressa Berg - Director

Julie Groves - non-voting secretary/treasurer

Mailing Address: 706 Ash Street, Myrtle Point, OR 97458

Phone: (541) 572-2834



Links: www.

Get Involved & Make a Difference!

We invite you to get involved and make a difference for our community of Coos County. 

We need volunteer project and committee members, in-kind services and material contributions, help with events, ideas and suggestions, etc.

Everyone has something special and important to contribute. Sometimes you don't know what that is until you get involved!